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           On January 4, 2007, the Board convened for its second meeting. During that meeting, the Board decided for the PSDL Officers to take their Oath of Office during the 3rd National Conference on Open and Distance Learning held in February 2007 at the Manila Hotel, during the Anniversary celebrations of the U.P. Open University. Since CHED Chair, Dr. Carlito Puno, was the official guest of the Conference, he also was the inducting officer of the PSDL officers and charter members. Another decision that the Board made was to request Dr. Gigi Alfonso to design the Official Seal of the PSDL.

           The Third Meeting of the PSDL Board was held on 27 June 2007. Among the decisions made by the Board during that meeting was to convene the First National Assembly of the PSDL in September 2007, and to launch the PSDL Journal, an electronic publication, during that assembly meeting. The Editorial Board of this journal was comprised of the members of the Board with Dr. Joy Natividad assigned as Editor and Dr. Tony Refre as Technical Editor, responsible for creating and administering the website of the journal.

           The PSDL Board convened again on August 13, 2007 to finalize plans for the General Assembly scheduled for the following month of September. For practical considerations, however, the Assembly was convened on October 3, 2007, which was also the schedule of the PSDL Round Table Discussion on the theme Philippine Experiences in Managing Distance Education. The then Director-General Timoteo W. de Rivera of the National Computer Center and Commissioner of the Commission on Information and Communications Technology was the guest speaker during the Round Table Discussion.

           Speakers in the Round Table Discussion were Dr. Gigi Alfonso of UPOU, Dr. Sammy Salvador of PUP, Dr. Tony Refre of PWU, and Dr. Ben Teehankee of DLSU, Chairman of the CHED technical Panel for Distance Education.

           Succeeding meetings of the PSDL Board were on 17 September 2007 and 28 March 2008. Due to various unavoidable circumstances, the PSDL was unable to hold its Annual Assembly in 2008 and, therefore, failed to elect new members of the Board of Trustees. Hence, the Members of the Board whose two-year terms had lapsed served on hold-over capacity. A special Assembly was convened on May 5, 2009 mainly to elect new members of the Board.